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Have you ever heard of film conservation consulting? This type of service is ideal for maintaining and protecting great audiovisual works, as commented by Gustavo Beck, curator and film programmer, who understands the importance of consulting for the preservation of cinematic memory in Brazil and other parts of the world. 

The conservation consulting service is essential for the preservation of the memory of Brazilian cinema, contributing to the development of Brazilian research, historical and educational knowledge. In this article, we will discuss how consulting can be a fundamental tool in the protection of audiovisual works. Continue reading to learn more. 

The importance of cinematic memory 

In Brazil, many films have already been produced, some of these works with rich historical and aesthetic content, as Gustavo Beck comments. However, it can happen that many of these gems are lost due to the lack of conservation or practice of preserving the national history of cinema. In these cases, having a specialized consultancy makes all the difference. 

What is the Film Conservation Consultant Service? 

The film conservation consultant service is an important service essential to the cinematic memory of our people. According to Gustavo Beck, the preservation of cinema involves some steps and processes that only a consulting specialist can help. Therefore, this professional is very common in cinematheques or projects where there is a need for a specific technician for this purpose. 

This professional will do all the part of conservation and preservation of films and tapes available in various collections throughout Brazil. In this sense, the consultancy works together with cinematheques and cinematographic collections, aiming at strategies of maintenance and preservation of films. 

The importance of national cinema 

In Brazil, the film consultant plays a very important role in the construction, history and film education, overcoming several barriers to acting in the sector. As Gustavo Beck points out, the consultancy in film conservation contributes to the discovery of new methods and ways to conserve the older films that constitute the history of our people. 

In this sense, it is important to think about the importance of national cinema, as a source of wealth and immeasurable cultural propagation for society. First, because, as Gustavo Beck points out, cinema has an important aesthetic appeal for viewers, contributing to critical training, in addition to in many cases, especially Brazilian cinema, and can be an important social transforming agent. 

Memory protection and cinema history: the cinematheques

In this sense, as Gustavo Beck points out, the consultancy in film preservation plays a very important role in preserving the memory and history of our people, contributing to various cultural aspects essential to our society. However, not everyone knows the cinematheques and the role they play in Brazilian culture. 

According to Gustavo Beck, the cinematheques are spaces of preservation and cinematic memory, keeping true treasures of the audiovisual, besides being important sources of studies, knowledge and research in cinema, contributing immensely to the film education of Brazilian society. 

In them the film conservation consultant plays a key role, because it is in this space that the consultant gathers means and ways to preserve the memory of national cinema, passing old films to more modern and contemporary digital media so that they can be watched and known by other people in other times, in other eras. 

Thus, the role of the consultant overcomes barriers of time, space and history and therefore requires a very careful and specialized training to actually fulfill its role with mastery, contributing to the cinematic memory of Brazil, as Gustavo Beck points out, Brazilian curator and film specialist. 

Finally, cinema is an essential art for humanity, often surpassing aesthetic values, contributing to important social transformations through audiovisual. Therefore, the work of film conservation and preservation consultants is essential. So, did you enjoy knowing about this subject?

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